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The Lumitone Team

The Lumitone team consists of individuals with backgrounds in film, photography, animation, and editing. Each lends his and her unique talents to the company ensuring a strong, well-rounded team.

As a general advisor, Alex Tomek helps to ensure that Lumitone stays up to date with the latest technological advances. He is significant to the company and is complimented by his achievements and decade of experience in the wedding industry.

Eisen graduated in 2005 from the University of California, Santa Cruz.. In 2006, with a degree in Film & Digital Media, he joined Lumitone along with his mentor and co-founder Alex Tomek. They are dedicated to building a team of film-makers with an unwavering drive for challenges and a cohesive vision.

While preserving the art of story-telling and captivating cinematography, Eisen awaits the opportunity to connect with you and be able to tell your story.

Eisen Tuazon