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Pleasanton Wedding Videographer & Wedding Photographer


Pleasanton Wedding Videographers and Pleasanton Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day story deserves to be remembered. There may never again be a time where all the people you love are together. Spoken words are too often forgotten. That is why we take great pride in preserving this special day. Lumitone's promise is to make sure that you have fun and that we create beautiful images and a timeless film of your Pleasanton wedding day for you to cherish forever.

Your attentive Pleasanton wedding videographers and photographers ensure that their work reflects your unique personalities and creative wedding style. Our timeless videos are expertly edited and set to music that you select, so your custom production will truly capture all the detail of your wedding day, and the beauty of your relationship. Our timeless photos are captured with artistry and imagination that balances attention to the well-rehearsed and familiar elements of the ceremony with those special, spontaneous moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

When choosing Lumitone to preserve your wedding celebration at Pleasanton's breathtaking venues including the Palm Event Center, Casa Real, and Ruby Hill Golf Club, you will be confident we are focusing on what matters most to you, documenting every detail that makes your wedding day unique. Your children will enjoy and appreciate your beautiful, touching wedding photos and wedding video. As the years pass, you will cherish the opportunity to revisit family and friends and relive one of the most important days of your lives.

From the small, tender glances to the grand moments of joy and celebration, you can count on Lumitone to film and photograph you the way you want to be seen, and to deliver images and films that will exceed your expectations and touch your heart. Our professional and technically skilled team creates stunning photographs and gorgeous videos that combine grand cinematic styling with a classic eye for beauty. Caring, and highly experienced, we realize how important your wedding is and we're masters at capturing every detail that makes your day so unique.

If you're searching for a Pleasanton wedding videographer and/or photographer, please give us a call at (925) 522-1412.